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Three Phase Frequency Convertors

KIKUSUI PCR-LA Series AC Power Supplies

1-300V | 1-999.9Hz |0 - 60A | 5 Models

Kikusui PCR-LA AC Power Supply


  • High-quality/high-stability output with a high-speed linear amp
  • Equipped with various measuring functions
  • Offering also DC outputs
  • Come with the RS-232C and remote control interface are standard equipment
  • Switching the configuration of single phase/single phase three-wire out-put, single phase/three phase easily (option)
  • Compatible with external signal input, possible to operate as a power amp (option)
  • Low frequency immunity test software (option)

  • Outline

    The PCR-LA Series is the most advanced, with having polished multifunctional AC power supply device of our best selling AC power supply PCR-L Series. By adding new functions and options while carrying over the basic performance from former model, this Series is reborn as a safe and reliable model that is much easier to use. As the PCR-LA Series comes with not only the basic operating functions of the main body, but also has standard equipment of RS-232C and the dedicated remote control external interface (GPIB is optional), if you have a PC, you can use almost all of the functions of the PCR-LA Series. The remote controller (RC03-PCR-LA) is available for “abnormal power line simulation functions“, which is the most frequently used in power supply environment testing, it makes possible for you to perform the functions easily, and above all, at a low cost. In addition, by combining the output extension kit (0T01-PCR-LA/2, 0T01-PCR-LA/3, etc.), you can easily build a single phase/single phase three-wire out-put or single phase/three phase configuration system.
    With the PCR-LA Series’ high-quality basic performance and abundance in flexible expandability, apply to the anticipated fields of various applications, in the field of an electric, machinery and chemicals for such power supply environmental testing, immunity testing, or power amplification of the output waveform for arbitrary waveform signal generators.

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    KIKUSUI PCR500LA (500VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac5A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac2.5APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR1000LA (1000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac10A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac5APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR2000LA (2000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac20A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac10A
    Please Call

    KIKUSUI PCR4000LA (4000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac40A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac20APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR6000LA (6000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac30APlease Call