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Telonic has been supplying the electronics industry, research establishments & universities with programmable DC Power Supply units since 1968. Telonic is an ISO9001 Registered company. Programmable DC power supply

Peaktech P 1500 Series DC Bench Power Supply

0 - 32V | 0 - 60A | 3 Models

Peaktech P 1525 1530 1535  Series DC Bench Power Supplies


  • High RFI immunity and excellent EMI
  • Over load, Over Temperature and Tracking Over Voltage protections
  • 3 user defined, recallable settings for voltage and current values
  • Full remote control of voltage and current and output control on and off
  • Isolated ground, Active PFC and high power efficiency, intelligent fans control from zero to full speed
  • Rotary Encoder Control knob with coarse and fine tuning
  • Safety: EN 61010-1, 60950-1
  • Accessories: power cable and manual


This high graded Switching Mode Power Supply is designed for a wide range of applications for telecommunications, laboratory and industry. The power efficient circuit designs allow units to have small form factor with low profile and small footprint casing. The intelligent fan speed control program checks the fan at power on and adapts the right speed to ensure a quiet and safe operation of the power supply at different ambient temperatures and power output levels. The dual action (coarse and fine set) control knobs make tuning the voltage and current level ever so smooth, precise and fast, due to the rotary encoder and microprocessor control. Setting the CC current limiting can be done in open circuit at output poles. The isolated ground construction allow parallel and series connection of power supplies with ease and safety. The three user defined presets of voltage and current limiting levels facilitate quick access to frequently used VI settings. The full remote control functionality offer a wide range of operation possibilities for the industrial and more sophisticated users.

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Peaktech P 1500 Series DC Power Supplies - ModelOutput Voltage

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Peaktech P 1525


£ 215.00

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Peaktech P 1530


£ 350.00

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Peaktech P 1535


£ 210.00

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